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The Right Executive At The Right Time

A Boardroom Insiders’ Case Study

Case Study Overview

Executive recruiters are faced with a difficult task: They have to find the right person not just to join a company, but to lead it. When a national retailer needed a new CEO, the firm behind the search turned to Boardroom Insiders' BI PRO platform.

About The Company

This company specializes in management consulting, with an arm of the business dedicated to talent acquisition. The firm works with large companies experiencing various challenges and growth opportunities. Talent is a key part of that.


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Strategy & Execution

When this management consulting firm began working with a national retailer, the retailer was experiencing significant challenges. The initial engagement had the firm working through strategic issues and charting a path forward.

Then, the CEO quit abruptly, leaving the retailer without a leader during a critical time. Fortunately, the firm has a dedicated talent acquisition arm, and its principals stepped in immediately to help fill the talent gap. The retailer had a history of bad hires in the role (hence the abrupt exit), so the firm knew it had to be diligent in its selection of potential candidates, that experience mattered and that cultural fit mattered as much, if not more.

The firm turned to BI PRO to not only identify prospective candidates, who matched the right experiential profile, but also to suss out quotes, interviews and other research materials that could help identify the executives’ approach to business culture.

That research proved critical: Many candidates who looked great on paper had business philosophies that didn’t mesh with the retailer’s approach. In the end, with the help of BI PRO, the firm was able to deliver a collection of thoroughly vetted candidates, one of whom took the top job just a few months later.

Solution Owner

Executive Talent Acquisition Director

BI Users

Talent Acquisition Team

Company Size

6,000 Employees

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“Our client needed to fill a high-profile role, fast. The company had been burned in the past with bad hires, so the pressure was on with this one. We had to find not just the right strategic fit, but the right cultural fit, as well. Not easy, by any means.”

Executive Talent Acquisition Director

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