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The Power of Executive Relationships

A Boardroom Insiders’ Case Study

Case Study Overview

How Boardroom Insiders' BI PRO platform helped one technology solutions provider penetrate a key account, after months of failure.


This technology solutions provider works with Fortune 500 companies across the U.S., providing cutting-edge solutions in both the B2B and B2C markets.


Case Study - Tech Solutions Sales Team (2)
Penetrate Key Accounts
Case Study - Tech Solutions Sales Team (3)
Devise Outreach Strategy To Encourage Executive Engagement
Identify Common Relationships Between Prospect And Inside Executive Sales Team

Strategy & Execution

A major technology solutions company had been targeting a Fortune 500 CPG company for months, with no luck. The sales and marketing teams had exhausted a number of traditional avenues, but what they really needed was an ‘in’ to cut through those initial layers of bureaucracy.

The marketing team ran the target company’s list of executives through BI PRO’s Relationship Mapping dashboard, cross-referencing it against its own executive team. In the process, they found an existing relationship, going back two decades, between their chief executive officer and the CMO of the target account.

Solution Owner

Sales Marketing Manager

BI Users

Enterprise Sales Team

Company Size

6,000+ Employees

Company Type


“We knew the company we were targeting would benefit from our services. It was a perfect fit for the products we sell and the work we do. But we kept running up against a brick wall when it came to outreach. We needed an ‘in’. BI PRO gave us much more than that.”

Enterprise Sales Manager

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