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The Power of Executive Engagement

A Boardroom Insiders’ Case Study

Case Study Overview

When a technology solutions provider ran into a brick wall with one of its target accounts, the company leaned into information — and BI SIGNATURE — to identify the business priorities it could help solve.

About The Company

This company provides technology solutions to a wide range of enterprises, mostly in the B2B space.


Resized Case Study - Executive Engagement
Identify Key Business Priorities
Resized Case Study - Executive Engagement (1)
Devise A Value-Based Approach To Target Executives
Copy of Case Study - Telecom ABM (2)
Strengthen A Key Relationship By Adding Critical Insight And Consulting

Strategy & Execution

A technology solutions provider was running into a brick wall with one of its target executives. The company built software that should have been a perfect fit, and yet its outreach wasn’t resonating.

The company’s marketing manager used the BI SIGNATURE platform to access an in-depth profile on the target executive. The profile contained quotes from the company’s most recent earnings call, which spelled out the business priorities for the next fiscal year. One of those priorities tied in directly with what the company was looking to sell. That was it — the hook.

Solution Owner

ABM Program Manager

BI Users

ABM Marketing
Sales Team

Company Size

10,000+ Employees

Company Type


“There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing your products can add value to a company and, at the same time, not being able to start that conversation. When that happens, we always go back to what we know to be true: You have to show your prospects that you can add value. Boardroom Insiders helps us do that.”

ABM Program Manager

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