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Inside BI PRO

Inside BI PRO: Your Competitive Advantage In Executive Engagement

A Boardroom Insiders' eBook

Discover the power of executive intelligence

For nearly a decade, Boardroom Insiders has been delivering the most in-depth executive and C-Level insight on the market through its BI SIGNATURE platform. With the newly launched BI PRO platform, customers can now get that insight PLUS instant access to the customized analysis they once had to pay an agency or a consultant to produce. The platform gives them the power to generate an unlimited number of deliverables that, until now, has taken weeks or months of work.


| 31+ Pages of Executive Intelligence | 

Boardroom Insiders designed and built BI PRO in response to a growing number of customer requests for customized analysis of the executives at their most important accounts.

This Boardroom Insiders eBook is designed to help you understand how BI PRO can help you and your team make bigger deals, faster. 



  • The demand for BI PRO 
  • Feature Spotlight: Audience Insights
  • Feature Spotlight: Business Priority Analysis
  • Feature Spotlight: Relationship Mapping
  • Feature Spotlight: Common Threads
  • BI PRO Success Cases

A deeper understanding of BI PRO and all of its uses will help sales and marketing teams harness the power of this one-of-a-kind executive intelligence platform.  

Is Your Team Ready to see what BI can do for You?

The Boardroom Insiders platform offers in-depth insight and analysis on the Fortune 1000 and 500 executives and companies. To learn more about how we can support your sales and marketing efforts, contact us today.


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