Bridget E. Engle

Bridget E. Engle
Senior EVP and CIO
Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

Last Updated: 09/07/2018

Executive Summary

Bridget Engle is Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, since June 2017. In this position, Engle leads the company's Client Technology Solutions group, which provides critical technology platforms and applications that support BNY Mellon's role as the leading provider of technology solutions to the financial markets. She is responsible for setting the strategic direction and execution of the firm's technology agenda. This includes advancing the firm's NEXEN digital investment platform, investing in and integrating industry-leading applications, accelerating its digital and agile development efforts, and attracting and developing top IT talent. She most recently served as Head of Technology for Capital Markets Division at Bank of America. Engle spent six years at AT&T Bell Labs early in her career, working as a Systems Administrator and Applications Architect. This experience gave her a solid technical foundation for the challenging world of financial services IT, where she has spent the majority of her career. She spent more than a decade at Lehman Bros. and did short stints at Barclays Capital and DTCC before landing at Bank of America in 2010 as Chief Technology Officer for Consumer and Small Business Banking (CSBB) and Home Loans and Insurance.

Personal Attributes and Interests

  • She spent her high school years taking apart her car and tinkering with early versions of the personal computer.
  • Engle was nicknamed "Gadget" by her family.
  • In an interview with Crain’s New York Business, she said, "I like creating things, fixing things and understanding how things work. I had every gadget known to man."
  • Engle served as co-chair of the 2011 Women in Technology and Operations awards.
  • She has been a guest speaker for The Bond Market Association, SIFMA, The Department of Defense and Venture Services community groups.
  • During the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Engle was one of the 750 Lehman Bros. employees who escaped their offices at 1 World Trade Center. Engle had developed a business web portal called LehmanLive, which became crucial after the attacks and thousands of Lehman employees were working at hotels, temporary offices or from home. "It's about engineering everything to be always available, always resilient," she explained. 
  • Engle had always planned to go to school full time to get a Bachelor's degree, but a series of jobs ate up all her time. 
  • In the Crain's New York Business article, Engle admitted she had hooked up her BlackBerry to the GPS and tracking device in her then-teenage son's car. She received an alert when he went outside the boundaries or exceeded the speed limits she set for him.
  • While not in the office, Engle is an avid swimmer -- she used to swim competitively -- and has passed that love on to her children, who are now also getting into surfing. She has a swimming performance monitor wristwatch, which represents the synergy of her two passions.
  • In 2007, Crain’s New York Business named her as one of the "100 Most Influential Women in NYC Business."
  • She was named one of technology’s "Top Power Women" by
  • In 2013, Bank Systems and Technology named Engle as one of the “2013 Elite 8” bank technology leaders.
  • Engle was one of several Bank of America employees attached to a patent for a "Software Development Standards Compliance System" filed in May 2014.

Current Focus

  • Company Snapshot: The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, commonly referred to as BNY Mellon, is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation formed on July 1, 2007 as result of the merger of The Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation. The company employs more than 51,200 staff worldwide and has more than $1.6 trillion in assets under management and $29.5 trillion in assets under custody and administration. It operates in six primary financial services sectors including advisory services, asset management, asset servicing, broker-dealer, issuance services, treasury services and wealth management. It is the oldest banking corporation in the United States, tracing its origins to the establishment of the Bank of New York in 1784 by Alexander Hamilton.
  • Current Role: Reporting directly to CEO Gerald Hassell, Engle leads the client technology solutions group with specific responsibility for setting the strategic direction and execution of the firm's technology agenda. She leads the company's Client Technology Solutions group, which provides critical technology platforms and applications that support BNY Mellon's role as a provider of technology solutions to the financial markets, the company said on its website. Her responsibilities also include accelerating its digital and agile development efforts, and attracting and developing top IT talent. "I look forward to collaborating with partners across the firm to further advance the industry leading technology platforms and applications of BNY Mellon and develop the technology architecture for the future, to best serve clients and the financial markets," said Engel. As part of her appointment Engle will also join BNY Mellon’s executive committee. "Technology innovation is at the heart of what we do, and Bridget's leadership, proven industry expertise and her focus on aligning technology solutions to create value for clients will support our ambition to be the investment industry technology leader," said Hassell.
  • Key Investment Priorities: In July 2018, CFO Michael Santomassimo told analysts, “…the majority of the incremental technology investment this year is going towards improvements relating to our operating platforms and technology infrastructure… we are also still investing approximately $1.5 billion in developing new capabilities for clients. This year, as we have said in the past, technology is one of our key investment priorities as well as continuing to be focused in driving more efficiency into everything we do.”
  • Bolstering the Team: BNY Mellon has named another senior technologist to help enhance its digital investor services platform, Global Custodian reported in April 2018.  According to the article, Hood Qaim-Magami has been appointed head of client service delivery technology and shared/corporate services technology, reporting to Engle.  “His work will help foster closer relationships between technology and the business, and will strengthen our resiliency and risk culture,” Engle said.  The bank's CSD division manages investment monitoring, measurement, and processes services for fund administration, transfer agency, and outsourcing.  Qaim-Magami is the latest high-profile appointment for the bank's revamped technology team.  Last month the custodian appointed Bank of America’s former chief operating officer for global markets technology, Nancy Reyda, in a similar role and Joseph Sieczkowski head of technology architecture and data.
  • Business Update: In April 2018, CEO Charles Scharf updated investors on the company's priorities.  "We continue to invest in our markets capabilities in the form of people, technology and ultimately additional capabilities," he began.  "While early days, we see signs that our investments are just beginning to pay-off. I mentioned that we saw increased activity in FX, and we believe that the investments we have been making are allowing us to see increased volume from existing clients and are beginning to attract new clients."  He continued: "We were also the first to launch a new API that helps dealers improve funding efficiency, what this means is that the assets can be costed [ph] anywhere, so optimization can occur irrespective of the location of assets. Given the scarcity of high-quality liquid assets clients wanted a way to optimally allocate collateral, which in high volume trade environment can be done by hand, a sophisticated algorithm was needed and we delivered it."  He said the bank is expanding its payment transformation efforts through Zelle.  "This is an important part of our strategy to provide value-added services to our clients and the growth area for us. The pipeline remains strong reflecting significant opportunities," he explained.  "In investment management, we've been focused on our performance and we've been consolidating funds as well as launching new ones to meet the marketplace demands for the non-traditional investments, which as we talked about at Investor Day are core to our strategy," he said.  "Finally, the consolidation of our North America businesses we announced last November is going well and both client and consultant reaction has been positive. We're also investing in new talent to help grow the business including key hires during the quarter to oversee investment strategy, consultant relations, and trading."  Scharf concluded his remarks: "We're focused on increasing our rate of revenue growth and while this will happen overtime, we continue to believe we can do this without sacrificing operating margin. And we will do this while investing in technology, operations and in our people both in infrastructure new solutions particularly focused on those that are data-driven and digital."
  • Tech Focus: New CEO Charles Scharf "worked with Apple Inc. and Google to turn Visa Inc. into a tech-savvy competitor," Bloomberg noted in July 2017. "Now, as the new CEO at Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, he plans to keep his focus on technology, pushing the giant custody bank to innovate and stay relevant." "Technology is always at the center of financial businesses,” Scharf said in an interview after BNY Mellon announced his appointment. “We have to make ourselves slightly uncomfortable as we evolve and change. If you don’t do it, someone else will.” BNY Mellon, which was founded in 1784 by Alexander Hamilton, has been investing heavily in technology with a goal of automating more of the bank’s processes and cutting costs. Scharf, who led Visa for four years until December 2016, introduced new technologies there to improve payment system security and transformed the platform by opening access to its network. “We expect him to lead BNY down the path toward further technological and digitization improvements,” said Brian Kleinhanzl, an analyst at KBW. “Given his solid track record at Visa, we do view him as a capable CEO.”

Biographical Highlights

  • Born in 1964
  • Engle earned an associate degree from Middlesex County College in New Jersey.
  • Analyst, Donald Sheldon and Company (1985-1986)
  • AT&T Bell Laboratories (1985-1991)
    • Systems Administrator
    • Applications Architect
  • Lehman Brothers (1991-2008)
    • Held various positions, Lehman Live and Infrastructure Technologies (1991-1997)
    • Architect, firm’s web portal as a standard delivery vehicle for all of Lehman’s electronic processes
    • SVP and Global Head, E-commerce Technology (1997-2002)
    • CTO (2002-2006)
    • CIO and Global Head, Business Continuity (2006-2008)
  • Managing Director, Barclays Capital (2008-2009)
  • Managing Director and CTO, Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) (2009-2010)
  • Engle joined Bank of America Corporation in 2010 and held the following positions:
    • CTO, Consumer and Small Business Banking (CSBB) and Home Loans and Insurance (2010-2012)
    • CIO, Retail Technology and Operations (2012-2015)
    • Head, Technology, Capital Markets Division (2015-2017)
  • Senior EVP and CIO, Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (2017-Present)

Contact Information

240 Greenwich St.
New York, NY, 10286
United States


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