Rebecca A. (Becky) Huling

Rebecca A. (Becky) Huling
VP, Customer Engagement Marketing
FedEx Corporation

Last Updated: 12/01/2017

Executive Summary

Becky Huling serves as the Vice President of Customer Engagement Marketing at FedEx Services, a division of FedEx Corporation, the big Memphis, Tennessee-based shipping and logistics company. She assumed the position in June 2013 and leads a marketing team responsible for business and partner development, digital customer engagement, customer loyalty, go-to-market strategic planning, and promotion and experience design. Previously, Huling spent nearly six years as VP of Marketing for FedEx Freight, a position in which she led the successful integration of the FedEx National LTL acquisition into the Freight portfolio, created and implemented a Canadian direct serve product that expanded Freight's coverage across the entire country, and designed and launched Freight's single website, allowing customer to compare rates across all Freight services. Huling began her FedEx career in 1998 and over the next eight years held various roles including Director, Global Segment and Customer Relationship Marketing; Director, Strategic Portfolio Development and Innovation; Director, Strategic Planning and Development; Manager, Product Development; and Product Manager. Before joining FedEx Huling was Manager, Business Development, for Pride of Florida, where she created a new business development department that delivered over $2 million the first year in incremental revenue and managed a marketing staff that was responsible for advertising creative and placement, corporate branding, including a new logo, packaging designs and fleet identification, communications program planning, collateral material design and production along with trade show implementation.

Personal Attributes and Interests

  • Huling is married.
  • Huling graduated from Lake Shore Central School in 1979.
  • “I encourage women to seek mentors that provide honest feedback,” Huling told the Huffington Post in May 2017. “One of my greatest mentors was Bill Logue, former CEO of FedEx Freight. He was an incredible coach and continually provided me with the straight talk I needed to become a better leader. His coaching helped me significantly improve my performance at the executive level and I will always be very grateful to him for that.”
  • “Don’t wait for the “perfect time” to pursue your dreams of growth and success – because there is never going to be a perfect time,” Huling told the Huffington Post in May 2017. “As part of my role as the executive sponsor of our Women in Leadership program at FedEx, I make it my mission to show our up-and-coming women leaders that they can advance their careers and home lives at the same time. My 25 year-old daughter recently shared with me that she never felt she missed out on anything by having an “executive-mom.” In fact, she said it helped her realize that there is no limit to what she could achieve in life. That makes me very proud.”

Current Focus

  • Company Snapshot: FedEx Corporation, based in Memphis, Tennessee, provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services. The Company offers integrated business applications through operating companies competing collectively and managed collaboratively, under the respected FedEx brand. Consistently ranked among the world’s most admired and trusted employers, FedEx employs more than 340,000 team members and serves customers in more than 220 countries and territories.
  • Division Snapshot: FedEx Services operates combined sales, marketing, administrative, and information technology functions in shared services operations that support FedEx Corporation's transportation businesses and allow them to obtain synergies from the combination of these functions. The FedEx Services business segment includes: FedEx Services, which provides sales, marketing, administrative, and information technology support to other FedEx companies; FedEx TechConnect, which is responsible for customer service, technical support, billings, and collections for U.S. customers of the company's major business units; and FedEx Office Print & Ship Services, which provides an array of document and business services and retail access to customers for its package transportation businesses.
  • Primary Responsibilities: In her current role, Huling leads a marketing team responsible for business and partner development, digital customer engagement, customer loyalty, go to market strategic planning, and promotion and experience design.
  • In Her Own Words:  "The people who inspire me most are the female entrepreneurs I see every day in my role at FedEx," Huling told the Huffington Post in May 2017. "My team works closely with our small business customers to help them take their businesses to the next level and, over the years, I have seen women from all walks of life – from single mothers to immigrants from less developed countries to military Veterans – turn their passions into viable, profit-turning businesses. They have new and innovative ways of solving problems and stop at nothing to achieve their goals."
  • Loyalty Program: February 2017 marked the two year anniversary since FedEx announced the expansion of My FedEx Rewards, a small business loyalty program.  My FedEx Rewards builds on the existing loyalty program, opening up participation to all eligible FedEx small business customers that ship or print with FedEx and is free to join. “Building long-term relationships with our customers is embedded in the FedEx culture,” said Huling.  “My FedEx Rewards offers real benefits to our small business customers through special offers and rewards, and we are excited to deepen these important relationships.”  Participants can receive special offers and earn rewards for their eligible FedEx Office purchases and eligible FedEx shipments through FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight. “The ability to earn rewards on such a variety of FedEx services is what makes this program really special,” said Huling.  “Customers can redeem their offers to select items from an attractive selection of brand-name gift cards and merchandise.”
  • Culture as a Differentiator: "Our FedEx culture is our ultimate differentiator,” EVP of Global Strategy, Marketing and Communications at FedEx Corporate Services Raj Subramaniam told an audience at the March 2017 BRITE Conference.  “We are one of the original venture capital success stories. From day one, our number one employee, Fred Smith, understood the importance of our people. He understood that success starts with the people on the front lines, the drivers, the customer service agents who deliver, in equal part, every day. He knew that if you make your expectations clear, if you reward and recognize the right behavior, success will follow. It didn’t matter where these people were, Toronto, Taipei, or Timbuktu, the FedEx language was the same. Our culture is the bedrock on which our brand and our company is built." He also challenged, "What if going above and beyond was the baseline, not the exception?"
  • Technology Triggers Brand Loyalty: Huling told Loyalty360 back in a 2016 interview that the Company’s technology platforms pave the way for brand loyalty. “FedEx has consistently been at the forefront of providing our customers with the technology tools for shipping and visibility tools for tracking that they need to meet the demands of their business on,” Huling said. “Our global email preference center technology also allows customers to select the type of content they want to receive from FedEx, whether it be information about our specific transportation services, sports sponsorships or our corporate social responsibility initiatives. We use our technology platforms as an enabler to tailor the experiences for our customers and ultimately drive stronger loyalty with the FedEx brand.” Huling noted that today’s tech savvy, multi-device owning customer is increasingly empowered with always-on access to online information and a wealth of choices and channels that has created high expectations from a customer experience perspective. “Business decision-makers now have the same expectations we all do as consumers,” Huling added. “Simply put, it’s “know me, really know me – and add value in a way that shows you know me before you ask me to take action.” The high expectation on customer experience is reshaping their engagement and relationship with brands. It’s less about the product and more about the experience they have with a brand. In addition, many “start-ups” or “digital-only” companies are taking advantage of disruptive technologies to differentiate their offerings and customer experience and win customer mind share and loyalty. Differentiating on customer experience through design thinking, digital transformation, and a mobile focus present the biggest opportunities for brands and marketers. Become a disruptor or be disrupted.” What’s more, Huling noted that being active on social media channels allows brands to reach new audiences and engage on deeper levels with existing customers. “Social media gives brands the ability to have two-way conversations about things that are essential to the brand and, more importantly, to discuss things that are important to their target customers,” she said. “Social engagement gives brands a way to tell their stories to new audiences and anticipate the conversations that are most relevant to those audiences.” Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat, however, now are moving away from being just tools for customer engagement and are becoming key tools for marketers’ use in facilitating commerce. “Decision-makers from businesses of all sizes now turn to social media for information and smart brands are learning how to join those conversations at relevant moments,” Huling said. “It is critical for marketers to understand the impact of social media and to leverage these channels to the advantage of the brand.”
  • Supporting Growth:  “FedEx Ground continues to grow significantly and there are several key considerations that we focus on to continually increase operating income as we grow,” CFO Alan Graf told analysts on the Company’s September 2017 earnings call.
    • “The first is customer mix. We have long recognized that FedEx Ground does not yet have our fair share of small and medium customers, despite our industry leading speed advantage, and we have recently accelerated our efforts to increase our small and medium customer volume.
    • Second is residential versus commercial mix. There are additional costs and significant operational considerations for delivering residential packages. We had a significant increase in demand from two large e-commerce customers during the first quarter. Obviously, a shift in residential mix in any one quarter affects profitability.
    • As you’ve seen in recent announcements, we are focused on sending pricing strategies that ensure that we are compensated appropriately for the outstanding service we provide, including generating appropriate yields for large customers with heavy residential mix.
    • Finally, given the traffic mix considerations I just outlined, we recognize as expenses are currently too high for the mix of customers and residential packages that we’ve experienced. We are taking steps to reduce costs in many areas to align with current business mix and market conditions.”

Biographical Highlights

  • Born circa 1961.
  • Huling earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Business from Canisius College in 1988.
  • She went on to earn an MBA in Marketing and Business in 1998 from the University of Tampa's John H. Sykes College of Business.
  • Huling was Manager, Business Development, at Pride of Florida from July 1990 to June 1998.
  • She joined FedEx Corporation in 1998 and has since held the following positions:
    • Product Manager
    • Manager, Product Development
    • Director, Strategic Planning and Development
    • Director, Strategic Portfolio Development and Innovation
    • Director, Global Segment and Customer Relationship Marketing
    • Director, Marketing, FedEx Services (2006)
    • Vice President, Marketing Research and Product Development, FedEx Freight (July 2007 - May 2013)
    • VP, Customer Engagement Marketing, FedEx Services (June 2013 - Present)

Contact Information

942 South Shady Grove Rd.,
Memphis, TN, 38120
United States


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