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Executive Insight Helps Sales Open New Doors

A Boardroom Insiders’ Case Study

Case Study Overview

When a software development company was looking to establish credibility with a new customer segment, it turned to BI PRO to create a plan to add value and stand out from the competition.

About The Company

This company provides technology systems, services and support to enterprise and retail customers around the world.


Resized Case Study - Executive Engagement
Identify Key Business Priorities
Resized Case Study - Executive Engagement (1)
Devise A Value-Based Content Campaign For New Segment
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Build Pipeline Of New Enterprise Deals

Strategy & Execution

When a software company was facing stiff competition in a new target market, it decided to forgo splashy B2B ad campaigns in favor of targeted, personalized outreach supported by content focused on business value and problem solving.

The ABM manager leading this effort used BI PRO to identify common business priorities across his list of target executives. That insight allowed his team to craft messaging that offered deeper insight into the problems at hand, with information about how the company could help, limited to only the most relevant products and solutions.

The campaign stretched out over 6 weeks. Each executive on the list of targets received a custom message each week that offered in-depth insight, as well as real-world examples of how the company had solved similar issues in the past.

In the end, the campaign worked. On a list of 100 target executives, the sales team successfully engaged 30 in follow-up conversations and demos.

Solution Owner

AMB Program Manager

BI Users

ABM Marketing 

Sales Team 

Company Size

100,000+ Employees

Company Type

Software Development

"For most B2B segments, we've designed massive advertising campaigns that tout our products and our services. For this new subset of enterprise customers, we wanted to educate them on how we could provide value in the long-term. We decided to steer clear of big campaigns in favor of something tailored and value-driven. We couldn't have done that without BI PRO."

ABM Program Manager

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