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Executive Events

Executive Events- Improve ROI with Audience Analysis

A Boardroom Insiders' eBook

Executive events are back, how can you make the most of them?

Knowing your audience is critical, and the same can be said for the target executives you're trying to get to attend your events. Beyond that, how do you truly understand what matters to them, and successfully plan events they'll want to attend?


That's where the power of Audience Analysis comes in. By researching your customers real-world business priorities and challenges, you can develop a deeper understanding of your key target accounts, to leverage to your advantage. eBook cover- Essentials for Effective Account Planning-1

| 15+ Pages of Executive Intelligence | 

This Boardroom Insiders eBook is designed to help you understand how using Audience Analysis can help you and your team make bigger deals, faster. 



  • Audience Analysis: What is it?
  • How to Use the Insight From Your Audience Analysis
  • Personalize Event Invitations to Make Your Event More Relevant
  • Facilitate More Effective Networking and Relationship Building
  • Drive Thought Leadership Focus

Is Your Team Ready to see what BI can do for You?

The invaluable insight from the BI PRO Audience Analysis tool can generate the knowledge you need about the key targets attending your event in minutes. The Boardroom Insiders platform offers in-depth insight and analysis on the Fortune 1000 and 500 executives and companies, all at your fingertips.

To see a quick demo of the BI PRO Audience Analysis tool in action, get a quick Demo here! 


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