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Executive Engagement Boosts ABM Success

A Boardroom Insiders’ Case Study

Case Study Overview

Boardroom Insiders' BI SIGNATURE solution helped this national telecommunications provider take its ABM program from pilot stage to full-throttle.

About The Company

This company provides telecommunications services across the U.S., including scalable, fiber-based technology solutions for America’s largest businesses.


Copy of Case Study - Telecom ABM (1)
Support Roll-Out Of Pilot ABM Program
Copy of Case Study - Telecom ABM (2)
Provide The Enterprise Sales Team With Insight, Rather Than Leads
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Enable More Conversations, Relationships And Deals

Strategy & Execution

In 2018, a leading national telecommunications company decided to launch an account-based marketing program. To make the program a success, the marketing manager in charge of it needed a way to feed her sales team valuable information that could help them get a foot in the door.

Because of the insight she offers with Boardroom Insiders, she can arm her sales professionals with information about business priorities for a given account.

Now, her team can go in and present a viable solution to a very real business challenge. That’s why, when she approached her sales team earlier this year to ask if the company should continue investing in Boardroom Insiders, the answer was unanimous: Boardroom Insiders has become invaluable to the work they do.

Solution Owner

Marketing Manager

BI Users

ABM Marketing
Sales Team

Company Size

95,000 Employees

Company Type


“I didn’t want a leads company, where they just provide you leads and the sellers follow up. I’m not trying to find companies that are a fit for us. I already know who they are. I need to figure out how best to get introduced to the companies, get meetings with the right people, get a seat at the table when they issue RFPs.” 

Marketing Manager

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