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Boardroom Insiders and ITSMA collaboration

Focusing on deepening relationships with the C-suite

Introducing the CXO Priorities Dashboard

Executive engagement has arrived. B2B sellers have long focused on C-suite connections; more recently, marketers have increased investments in executive-level programs, too.

Today, however, in the wake of the tremendous disruptions of the past year, CEOs themselves are touting the importance of getting and staying closer to counterparts among their clients, partners, and prospects.


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The CXO Priorities Dashboard is designed to support executive engagement initiatives by providing timely insight into current business priorities of Fortune 500 C-suite executives, including:

  • An aggregate Business Priorities dashboard

  • Role-based comparisons

  • Industry-based comparisons

  • Notes and comment on recent trends and strategic shifts


Current Edition: October 2021

  • CXO Priorities for October 2021
  • Financial Services and Manufacturing CXOs: Customer engagement and the war for talent

    View the October 2021 Dashboard


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The CXO Priorities Dashboard is produced by Boardroom Insiders and ITSMA as a service for corporate clients and members focused on deepening relationships with the C-suite in their most important accounts.


Past editions: May 2021

  • CXO Priorities for May 2021

    View the May 2021 Dashboard

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