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Building Custom Communication Case Study Image

Building Custom Communications for ABM Success

A Boardroom Insiders’ Case Study

Case Study Overview

The secret to ABM success lies in personalization. Here's how one telecom leader used our BI PRO platform to expand its account-based marketing program with custom communications across key accounts.

About The Company

This company provides wireless communications and network solutions for major enterprises around the world, with an account-based marketing program for strategic accounts.


Case Study - Custom communications
Inform and advise sales team on strategic accounts
Case Study - Custom communications (1)
Develop marketing strategy and customized campaigns
Copy of Case Study - Telecom ABM (2)
Personalize messaging for key contacts

Strategy & Execution

The ABM marketing team connected sales teams across America with Boardroom Insiders’ Executive Profiles, as well as key insights generated from our BI PRO platform. The client’s sales professionals were then able to customize their communications to line up with identified executive priorities.

To connect the dots even further, the client’s sales teams used the relationship mapping tool in our BI PRO platform to learn about executives’ professional connections. The tool shows not just who is connected to whom, but also the strength of those connections so the ABM team can understand which relationships are stronger than others.

The client spot-checked data against its own research and found Boardroom Insiders’ systems to be both accurate and reliable. The result was an estimated 1,000+ hours saved by outsourcing the challenging and time-consuming task of conducting executive research.

Today, the sales team continues to leverage Boardroom Insiders-generated data while crafting email and social media outreach and on the phone. Some have even used the insights in meetings with the executives themselves. As a result, the number of ABM accounts has increased tenfold.

Solution Owner

AMB Program Manager

BI Users

Account-Based Marketing Team

Company Size

30,000+ Employees

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"We were looking for really deep and rich insights, and it looked like Boardroom Insiders would be able to provide them. We appreciated the human touch to all of the profiles and felt confident we could trust what we were reading, every time."

ABM Program Manager

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