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The Boardroom Insiders Summer Internship Program

Hear From Our Interns in Their Own Words


About the Internship

The Boardroom Insiders Internship is a summer program created with the company’s culture of growth in mind. This internship fosters opportunities including weekly professional development sessions, hands-on work experience with senior employees, and consultations with career and resume specialists, all aimed to develop our interns’ skills for future careers and curate their personal brands. This internship challenges interns to embrace teamwork and broaden their skills across multiple projects for the duration of the summer. If you are a focused, detail-oriented, problem-solver, this internship is for you.

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Departments: Editorial, Executive, and Marketing

Perks: Programming benefits and professional development

Compensation: Paid


2021 Summer Interns

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No one understands the challenges and tribulations of navigating life in the online world better than students in 2021. Adapting to

Hear from the Interns

Our 2021 summer interns share how their time at Boardroom Insiders has impacted their personal and professional development. 

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Interns in the big picture

Interns in the big picture


Hear from Marley Francis, Editorial Intern

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Compensating interns

Compensating interns


Hear from Sharon Gillenwater, Co-Founder and CEO

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Working at a SaaS business

Working at a SaaS business


Hear from Felix Keeler, Editorial Intern

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From intern to full-time employee

From intern to full-time employee


Hear from Brin Sullivan, Marketing Coordinator

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Professional development

Professional development


Hear from Elizabeth Sherrill, Editorial Intern

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What Boardroom Insiders does

What Boardroom Insiders does


Hear from Blaine Cook, Editorial Intern

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Collaborating with other interns

Collaborating with other interns


Hear from Avery Hallmark, Marketing Intern

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Marketing and editorial departments

Marketing and editorial departments


Hear from Julia Di Natale, Executive Intern

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Applications are currently closed

Check back soon for our 2022 internship application!

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