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This is next-level executive engagement

What’s better than C-level connections at your most important accounts? Connections to the board.

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You have ABM. You have executive engagement. And now you have board engagement.

Learn how this intel upgrade will take your strategy to the next level: 

How Board Intel Helps Your Strategy

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+ Supporting sales and marketing strategies in more ways than one + How teams just like yours are leveraging board intel + Digging deeper into the influence board members hold in a company + Experience the power these profiles and our platform for yourself
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We're excited. And we think you will be, too.

At Boardroom Insiders, we just made our powerful executive intelligence database even stronger, with value-packed profiles on every board member in the Fortune 500! 

Our customers are always looking for connections that can help close their biggest deals. Now, with our proprietary BI PRO platform, you’ll be able to map connections not just across the top executives around the country, but across their boards of directors, too.

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How can board member profiles support your C-level sales and marketing strategy?

  • Connect at the highest level — Connections at the board-level are the most powerful foot in the door you can have. BI PRO helps you find those connections in seconds.  

  • Sell smarter — Board members set the direction for a company and consult on the biggest corporate investments. Our profiles give you the board-level insight you need to position your product or service to sell. 

  • Find your edge — No matter what the size of your business, board-level connections position you for success over the competition.

Yeah, this is huge. Take a break from reading about the transformative power of board member profiles and see them for yourself— book your custom demo here!  

Schedule a quick, custom demo!

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Both BI SIG and BI PRO customers have access to rich Board Member context on the executives at your most important accounts.
  • 5,000+ new profiles — All customers now have access to over 5,000 new profiles- providing insight into Fortune 500 Board Members.
  • BI PRO Customers —You get access to every single board member profile in our database PLUS the ability to conduct a relationship mapping analysis across any executives or accounts you choose. It’s the only way to harness the full potential of board member profiles for you and your teams.  
  • BI SIG Customers —You get access to every single board member profile in our database. You can read their profiles and harness all the insights they contain.

Read more about why Board Member intel is a big deal in our latest blog post here

Read the Blog Post

Board-level Intel Use Cases

(Board) knowledge is power — See how companies just like yours are supercharging their strategy with board-level intel

#1: Find the Right Connection

#1: Find the Right Connection

A Fortune 50 tech company was looking to get a meeting with the CEO at a Fortune 100 retailer, a key prospect. The F50 tech company is a BI PRO customer and knew the only way to secure that meeting was to find a connection...KEEP READING

#2: Nail the Proposal

#2: Nail the Proposal

One Boardroom Insiders customer — a relatively young technology firm — was putting together a proposal for a Fortune 250 prospect...KEEP READING

#3: Present a transformative solution

#3: Present a transformative solution

A Boardroom Insiders customer — a technology solutions and consulting firm — was vying for the business of a F500 software company...KEEP READING 

Board Member Profiles

See it for yourself

Schedule your quick custom demo with a member of our team to experience the edge the board member profiles can bring to your strategy, and how BI PRO's relationship mapping feature can bring it all to life. 

Schedule a quick, custom demo!

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