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    New BI PRO℠ platform brings 'mind-blowing' magic to sales and marketing

    November 12, 2019

    What if…

    ...you could map your entire executive team to the C-suite leaders of all of your top accounts? 
    ...you could get a summary of the most common business initiatives of Fortune 100 CMOs?
    ...you could find out which CEOs also graduated from your CEO’s alma mater?

    AND what if…

    ...you could get all of this information in just a few clicks?
    ...AND you could share it instantly with your entire team?

    With our new BI PRO platform, you can do all of this and more.

    For nearly a decade, Boardroom Insiders has been delivering the most in-depth executive and C-Level insight on the market through its BI SIGNATURE platform. With the newly launched BI PRO platform, customers can now get that insight PLUS instant access to customized analysis they once had to pay an agency or a consultant to produce. The platform gives them the power to generate an unlimited number of deliverables that, until now, has taken weeks or months of work. 

    The BI PRO platform includes:

    • An advanced Relationship Mapping tool that shows connections between executives in seconds
    • An Audience Analysis dashboard with an aggregate view of your executive audience, including common hobbies, interests, and more
    • A Business Priorities dashboard that shows trending business priorities across your target audience
    • A Common Threads dashboard that reveals the most common employers, boards, alma maters and interests across a group of executives

    Boardroom Insiders designed and built BI PRO in response to a growing number of customer requests for customized analysis of the executives at their most important accounts. “Our customers wanted contextually rich relationship maps that made it easy to see, for example, which customer executives went to the same university as their CEO; which ones served in the military; which ones like tennis, and so on,” says company co-founder Sharon Gillenwater. “They also wanted the ability to map their own executive team to the executive teams at all of their key accounts. BI PRO does all of this and more — and it does it with just a few clicks.” 


    Prior to building BI PRO, Boardroom Insiders completed these bespoke projects for its customers on a custom basis. The problem? According to Gillenwater, each project took weeks to complete and started to go out of date the moment it was delivered. 

    “This approach was not scalable,” she says. “With BI PRO, you can generate as many of these ‘projects’ as you want in minutes. If you want to map your company’s entire executive team against all of the Fortune 500 CIOs, you can do it. If you want to get a snapshot of the demographics, hobbies and current business initiatives of Financial Services CEOs in North America, you can do that, too.”

    Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 3.22.28 PM

    The “secret sauce” that differentiates Boardroom Insiders’ data, says co-founder and president Lee Demby, is the 20,000-plus Executive Profiles that the company has spent nearly a decade building and maintaining. 

    “No one else has aggregated the depth of information we have on executives,” he says. “The executive profiles — valuable on their own — are extremely powerful data sources that we are now slicing and dicing in different ways to generate unique insight about a single account, or across a group of accounts. That is what the new BI PRO platform does.”

    Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 3.27.06 PM

    Boardroom Insiders initially piloted BI PRO with a select group of customers and partners to build use cases and collect feedback, which it has used to refine the platform, creating significant value and impact. 

    "BI Pro is a compelling addition to the Boardroom Insiders offering," says Dorothea Gosling, Director, Global Marketing Programs, Pursuits and ABM at DXC Technology. "The relationship mapping tool solves the challenge of how to uncover actionable connections between executives in an elegant way. I can see this as an invaluable addition to the ABM toolscape." 

    “BI PRO helped us personalize the experience for attendees of our inaugural conference, and the reaction was astounding,” says veteran CMO Dustin Ritter, now the CEO and founder of Personalization ONE. “The speed and ease with which we were able to generate a visual relationship map of all of our attendees was mind-blowing. This could be a game-changing product that helps sales and marketing teams better understand and engage executive-level audiences.” 

    Designed to meet the needs of sales and account teams, marketers and ABM experts, BI PRO is now available to all Boardroom Insiders customers as an add-on to the BI SIGNATURE platform. 

    Want to learn more? Contact us and schedule a demo.

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    Sharon Gillenwater

    About the Author

    Sharon Gillenwater

    Sharon Gillenwater is the founder and editor-in-chief of Boardroom Insiders, which maintains an extensive database of the most in-depth executive profiles on the market, from Fortune 500 companies to independent non-profits, to help sales and marketing professionals build deeper relationships and close more deals with clients. Gillenwater is a long-time marketing consultant with expertise in marketing strategy, account-based marketing, and CXO engagement programs.