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    Changing the Game in 2018: One Big Tip for Upping Your C-Level Strategy

    January 09, 2018

    Game Changer for Marketers (2).png

    Seeking: Female financial services CFOs in the Southwest.

    Wanted: IT executives in Texas who love cricket.

    No, these aren’t match.com queries. But, like online dating, B2B targeting this specific can feel like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

    Quickly Finding Executives Who Meet Specific Criteria Is A Must

    As field marketers and executive program owners know, being able to quickly identify executives who meet specific criteria helps them determine which customers might be interested in a particular event, or--for example--which CIOs might have something in common with a particular executive sponsor.

    Any marketer who has embarked on this type of research knows that Google and LinkedIn searches are not going to give you this type of information without requiring many hours of research. Put a dollar amount on this research time and you are looking at a pretty big price tag.

    A Lower Cost Alternative To Your Research Time

    Is it even possible to have this type of information at your fingertips and at a much lower cost? 

    It is.

    Our new search tool allows you to surface this type of insight instantly, making it a game changer for marketers who seek to “connect the dots” to more relevant executive engagement opportunities.

    Here's how it works:

    1. Boardroom Insiders offers access to over 14k C-Level executive profiles to its subscribers. But the service doesn’t stop there.
    2. Using our new and improved search, you can now filter our database of thousands of executive profiles using multiple criteria such as industry (e.g., financial services), function (e.g., technology/digital), gender (e.g., female), interest (e.g. tennis), region (e.g., northeast) and more.

    For example: If we search for all current technology/digital executives who have an interest in golf, we get results of well over 100 enterprise CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and CDOs.  Imagine how a company with a major golf sponsorship could leverage this information.

    New Search Image.png

    Here are some real examples of search requests we’ve received:

    IT executives in the Northeast who like cricket.

    A tech company was holding an event at a sports bar with a live, pay-per-view broadcast of a major cricket event. They wanted to invite CIOs who would be over the moon at the prospect of watching the game with peers who are also fans of the game. We filled the bill.

    CXOs who care about human trafficking and/or domestic violence. 

    A non-profit dedicated to addressing global women’s rights was looking for board members from the corporate world. We gave them a list of 50 corporate leaders who meet this criteria.

    CIOs with a marketing background.

    This came from a professional services firm looking for a keynote speaker who had served in senior roles in both marketing and IT.


    Its Time To Up Your Game

    Associated Costs with exec research. (1).pngAfter a decade of researching CXOs we have built a database densely filled with this type of insight. And now our new search feature allows all of our subscribers to easily execute these types of searches in seconds. You simply will not find this capability anywhere else--and to replicate it on your own would eat up time, people and budget resources that most companies cannot spare.

    If this is news to you, just consider for a moment what you could do with this information—from improving audience acquisition for your events to finding the perfect fit between an important customer and an executive sponsor.

    Now THAT’S powerful. It’s the type of secret weapon that makes a marketer a hero to their sales team and their executive leadership.

    And don’t you want to be a hero?


    Essentials for C-Suite Selling


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    Sharon Gillenwater

    About the Author

    Sharon Gillenwater

    Sharon Gillenwater is the founder and editor-in-chief of Boardroom Insiders, which maintains an extensive database of the most in-depth executive profiles on the market, from Fortune 500 companies to independent non-profits, to help sales and marketing professionals build deeper relationships and close more deals with clients. Gillenwater is a long-time marketing consultant with expertise in marketing strategy, account-based marketing, and CXO engagement programs.