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    What Real Executive Intelligence Looks Like, And What It's Worth

    December 10, 2014

    We've written in the past about why personas, while useful, are no substitute for CXO intelligence.

    For a real-world example that brings this to life, consider our recently-published profile of Anthony (Tony) Montemarano, Director, Strategic Planning and Information (SPI), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) US Department of Defense. While conventional wisdom is that U.S. defense spending is declining, our profile of Montemarano reveals his budget is actually increasing. It also offers specific insight into how he intends to spend the money.

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    Here are just a few nuggets of insight contained within the profile: 

    His role: Montemarano is responsible for acquisition oversight for all DISA’s products, services, and programs. So he is a critical stakeholder for any vendor dealing with DISA.

    More budget: DISA's budget is set to increase over the next two years because military departments have moved more of their applications and systems into DISA’s hosting facilities, thus increasing its revenues for big ticket enterprise projects.

    Cloud plans: DISA is the biggest DOD cloud provider and is looking to expand beyond its private cloud to leverage commercial cloud hosting physically located within DOD facilities, commercial private clouds and commercial public clouds...[DOD CIO Terry] Halvorsen is pushing departments to move toward more commercial cloud adoption and is looking to make security requirements easier for cloud vendors. This is where DISA comes in since they oversee security requirements for the cloud.

    Emerging Technologies: DOD is seeking ideas from venture capitalists, video game makers and others outside the defense establishment and wants to spend more of its budget on new technologies from beyond its traditional defense contractor supplier base. 

    Cybersecurity: DISA is having greater input into cyber defense than ever before. Montemarano expects RFIs in the next quarter as the agency seeks to build up this capability. He has said however, that its not just about new technology but about getting better at integration and interoperability with what DISA already has in place.

    This is what real executive intelligence looks like.

    Armed with this level of specificity and detail, salespeople have the opportunity to connect the dots between what Montemarano cares about and what they want to sell to him.

    Think about the advantage you would have over a competitor who does not have this information. Or conversely, how would you feel knowing that your competitor had this information--and you didn't?

    Companies that are able to get this level of insight on executive decision makers have a definite edge over competitors who rely on personas and existing conventional wisdom about the company or organization. 

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