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    For Executive Engagement, Listen to the Whole Album

    August 08, 2013

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    Have you ever considered what executive research and music have in common?

    My college roommate was, and still is, a music fanatic.  He was a member of all the mail-order music clubs...and we had stacks of CD's sitting everywhere.  It was his prized pocession. He listened to everything from Bob Marley to Smashing Pumpkins to Willie Nelson to Snoop Dog.  

    I was just along for the ride as I never could warrant buying a whole album when I only liked one or two songs. He would always tell me...you have to listen to the whole album to appreciate the band's music. 

    When it comes to enterprise account management and high-tough executive engagement, we've found you really do have to listen to the whole album. 

    Why?  Because knowing the business challenges of the entire c-suite will help you identify bigger problems to solve.  It provides the sales call confidence to ask smarter questions, to craft solutions more decision makers care about.

    It helps you tell you tell your company's story.

    Most enterprise sales pros research the priorities of the executive they are calling on and stop. Top performers calling on a decision maker also want to know what the CIO, CMO, COO, and CFO care about. Doing this allows serious account managers to engage higher, identify bigger opportunities, and win bigger deals. 

    We're in the business of helping top enterprise account managers get in the minds of key decision makers.  

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