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January 11, 2009

There are plenty of forums out there about general sales and marketing–but I haven't yet found a good one that focuses on the special challenge of selling and marketing to senior executives and CXOs. So I started a new forum on LinkedIn on just this topic. It is sponsored and moderated by Boardroom Insiders, but you don't have to be a customer to join--everyone is welcome! Appropriate questions and discussion topics include:

- how to increase the effectiveness of account-based marketing efforts

- what CXOs expect from vendors who want their business

- best practices in CXO engagement

- how to "move the needle" with executive-level customers and prospects

- how to customize marketing communications and programs for individual CXOs

- how other companies have successfully reached and engaged CXOs

- how to pitch new ideas to CXOs within your own organization

To join, just go to LinkedIn, click on "Groups Directory" and search for: "Boardroom Insiders."

Look forward to seeing you there!

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