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    Boardroom Insiders a Finalist for 2009 "Model of Excellence" Award

    April 11, 2009
    We were thrilled and surprised by today's announcement that Boardroom Insiders is a finalist for a 2009 "Model of Excellence Award" by the InfoCommerce Group, a consulting and research firm serving the specialized business information publishing community. Winners will be announced at an awards dinner at the Data Content09 conference, being held October 27-28 at The Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia, PA. You can be sure we will attend!

    Even better, look what the InfoCommerce Group had to say about our service:

    "Boardroom Insiders represents an ambitious effort to use public source data to build deep and insightful profiles of C-level executives at major companies nationwide. In terms of the depth of its data and its hand-tooled creation, you might think of it as a “Hoover’s for executives.” In terms of its deep mining of the web for background information, you might think of ZoomInfo, but with researchers, not machines, building the profiles. In many respects, it reminds us of a database of journalist profiles called NewsBios, but targeted at C-level executives, a much larger and lucrative market.

    Typical executive profiles will include: biographical data, personal interests and attributes, insightful quotes, current business focus and perceived challenges, key peers and influencers. By utilizing a manual research effort leveraging automated research tools, the company can confidently create a deeper and more useful profile than full automated services, yet without the cost of full primary data collection.

    Boardroom Insiders delivers a very differentiated product that focuses on an important and valuable slice of the marketplace. And while so many companies are chasing company data, Boardroom Insiders is staking out a claim to high-end executive data, a market where the need is large and the pockets are deep.  'Boardroom Insiders raises the bar on executive contact information by moving beyond commoditized biographical details to provide the information and insights necessary to make a personal connection – the essence of high-end relationship selling,' says Russell Perkins, Founder of InfoCommerce Group. This is a savvy product and an extremely useful tool for companies that use relationship selling for high-ticket products sold to the C-suite."

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