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    Retail CFOs Plan Inventory Ramp-up

    October 11, 2009
    Two new surveys of retail executives show that retailers believe the economic recovery could be just around the corner. The BDO Seidman Retail Compass Survey of CFOs reveals that 62% of retail CFOs plan to increase inventory purchases by the first half of 2010. The most recent quarterly supply chain risk report of U.S. retail and manufacturing executives from AMR Research supports the Retail Compass Survey’s findings that retailers and their partners are expecting a need for increased inventory in the coming year. Forty-four percent of the survey’s respondents believe the recovery cycle is the biggest supply chain risk in 2010 because of potential commodity price increases, limited internal skills after workforce reductions, and problems meeting new demand with constrained capacity, low inventory, and transportation constraints. In contrast, only 23% of respondents are worried that the recession will continue, resulting in weak customer demand. Most respondents, 83%, expect the economy to turn around in Q2 2010 or later, with 41% predicting a turnaround will occur in Q2 2010.

    If you are marketing to retail CFOs, this is good information to have. After more than a year of stagnation, they might be ready to buy what you're selling. Now is the time to become familiar with your target CFO careabouts so you are prepared to engage them around how your offering can address their current initiatives and challenges.

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