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    Boardroom Insiders Featured in "Conversation Signposts"

    October 11, 2010
    Boardroom Insiders President Lee Demby recently spoke to the folks at St. Meyer & Hubbard, which resulted in this newsletter article:

    Boardroom Insiders—Creating the Knowledge Edge
    We met Lee Demby nearly a decade ago when he was a Senior Consultant at First Research. Lee’s focus is, and always will be, sales intelligence. That is, how can he and the firms he is with provide a sophisticated level of information at the click of a button that can help sales professionals win more business? Lee knows it’s more than product and price that makes the sale happen; it’s the subtleties that are the keys to building relationships. Did you attend the same college as the prospect? Do you share a love of dogs? A passion for a similar charitable cause?

    Here’s the challenge: the information exists all over the internet and other places, but it’s so spread out, crazy-busy salespeople have no time to gather it. Lee’s company has solved that problem. Welcome to Boardroom Insiders.

    Boardroom Insiders helps prepare consultative-minded bankers with a knowledge edge about CEOs and other key executives, allowing them to demonstrate the highest level of sales-readiness around the issues and personal interests the business decision-maker is most concerned about, establishing trust and engagement much quicker than traditional methods. The Executive Profiles provide the knowledge required to foster long-term loyalty with your best clients and the confidence to engage a business decision-maker at a cocktail party or in the board room on a personal level. Boardroom Insiders is great for banks ready to move from a defensive approach to an offensive prospecting strategy.

    Boardroom Insiders provides two levels of service:

    The Responsive Research Approach
    The Responsive Research Approach where executive profiles are made-to-order by experienced business analysts who understand critical company initiatives and buying triggers. This saves the banker time and money, because BI searches all publicly available sources for information on target executives, including personal details, biographical history, and current business issues they are most concerned about in their specific roles. BI then analyzes and compiles the information into the most in-depth executive profile available today.

    The banker goes to the BI website, submits a request of the person or title/company desired for a hand-tailored profile, and for as little as $99 per profile, BI does an exhaustive search on the individual and prepares a custom profile. Clearly this is not something the banker would do for each call—but for those most important calls—absolutely. With an annual subscription, the banker has unlimited access to the growing database of C-level decision-makers. As BI’s customer base requests more profiles, members benefit and the value of the service compounds.
    Custom C-Level Research
    Custom Research that helps bankers reach the right decision-makers within key opportunities. When you establish a collaboration with BI they help identify the right decision-makers, influencers, and gatekeepers by title, department, or industry vertical. They also do custom profiling and relationship mapping that helps uncover valuable connections that get bankers in the door.

    Here’s an example of a how a bank plans to use Boardroom Insiders. The head of commercial banking wants to identify all Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, VPs of Finance, Controllers of the top 50 largest clients/prospects in a particular city. Boardroom Insiders identifies the right people and creates the list, prepares the executive profiles, then relationship-maps these individuals to each other and the executive staff at the bank. The goal is to assist in leveraging the bank’s best clients to make introductions to top prospects. They will do this by hosting high visibility events such as using the football suite, university tailgates, making sure the bank is inviting the right people to every event, and providing the bankers with the knowledge edge to establish intimacy with clients, prospects, and key Centers of Influence.

    Some of the Fortune 50, many Economic Development Commissions in major U.S. cities, and smaller entrepreneurial companies are using Boardroom Insiders as one piece of the business intelligence strategy. If Lee Demby is involved, you know it is a company with character and integrity. Visit Boardroom Insiders at www.boardroominsiders.com to see a what all of the hype is about and view a sample profile. 
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