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    Playing Matchmaker: Designing A More Powerful Executive Sponsorship Program

    November 11, 2010
    Given that most of our customers are global enterprise companies, we are well-positioned to spot emerging trends in the areas of key account marketing.

    Lately, we have noticed that more than a few companies are developing or refining their executive sponsorship programs. Some are in the early stages of creating their programs and want to make sure they are creating the best possible matches between executive sponsors and customers. Others that have had these programs in place for years are looking to wring more value out of them by creating more meaningful executive-to-executive touchpoints.

    Regardless of what stage they find themselves in, these program owners have a critical need for knowledge about individual executives--both their customers' and their own--in order to create more successful relationships.

    Here are a couple of examples:

    Company A learned that one of its customer executives had a lifelong interest in aviation. This knowledge prompted the company to assign an executive sponsor who shared this passion, which helped the two hit it off in their first meeting.

    Company B discovered that several of its customer executives kicked off their careers with long stints in the military. The company assigned them to one executive sponsor who also had a strong military background and seated these veterans together at a company-sponsored executive event.

    While it is hard to believe why anyone would approach it any other way, you would be surprised at how many companies assign their executive sponsors at random with little no insight into the players' personalities, professional background or passions.

    Our customers know that just one little nugget of information from a Boardroom Insiders executive profile can make playing matchmaker a whole lot easier, and ensure you make a successful match every time.

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