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    F-250 Female Chief Information Officers Approaching 20%

    February 06, 2012
    Women who achieve the rank of Chief Information Officer--in the Fortune 250 no less--are some of the most interesting executives we cover. IT has long-been a primarily male domain, as have the fields of science and engineering. In our profiles of these CIOs, there are many stories about being the only woman in the class, the department or the boardroom. They have defied the odds to reach one of the most interesting and coveted C-level positions, which everyone agrees sits at the influential nexus of business and technology.

    Companies in the tech space are trying desperately to build relationships with CIOs. As consultants, we have counseled them to go after female CIOs as a special affinity group by creating a targeted program designed to reach and engage this elite group of women. So far no one is doing this well, as far as we know. In fact, no one seems to even realize that 19.2% of Fortune 250 CIOs are now women--up from 10% just a few years ago.

    In the interest of supporting you, our customers, we are publishing the complete list of female Fortune 500 CIOs (or their functional equivalents) below, by Fortune ranking and company. In our next newsletter, we will publish the Fortune 251-500. If you are interested in learning more about these women, Boardroom Insiders publishes in-depth profiles of them all. To learn more, contact Lee Demby @ lee@boardroominsiders.com or 704-756-0894.

    1: Walmart: Karenann Terrell (see sample profile)

    2: Exxon Mobil, Ellen McCoy

    9: Bank of America, Cathy Bessant

    18: IBM, Jeanette Horan

    19: Cardinal Health, Pat Morrison

    24: Valero Energy Corp., Cheryl Thomas

    33: Target, Beth Jacob

    36: Boeing, Kim Hammonds

    37: State Farm, Sandy Arnold

    40: Johnson & Johnson, LaVerne Council

    41: Dell, Adriana Karaboutis

    42: Wellpoint, Lori Beer

    44: United Technologies Corporation, Nancy Davis

    47 Best Buy, Jody Davids

    52 Lockheed Martin, Linda Gooden

    56: Intel, Kimberly Stevenson

    62: Cisco Systems, Rebecca Jacoby

    64: Prudential Financial, Barbara Koster

    65: Walt Disney, Susan O'Day

    67: Sysco, Twila Day

    70: Coca Cola, Ann Taylor

    71: New York Life Insurance Company, Sue Ericksen

    77: Aetna, Meg McCarthy

    87: TIAA-CREF, Annabelle Bexiga

    88: Delta Air Lines, Theresa Wise

    102: Publix Super Markets, Inc., Laurie Zeitlin

    104: Raytheon Company, Rebecca Rhoads

    106: Travelers Companies, Inc., Madelyn Lankton

    116: Motorola Solutions, Leslie M. Jones

    119: TJX Companies, Kathy Lane

    120: Emerson Electric Company, Kathleen McElligott

    121: Xerox, Carol Zierhoffer

    150: The AES Corporation, Elizabeth Hackenson

    162: Dominion Resources Inc., Margaret McDermid

    163: Amgen Inc, Diana McKenzie

    174: CBS, Amy Berkowitz

    177: PG&E, Karen Austin

    191: Sara Lee Corporation, Ann Teague

    203: Dean Foods Company, Barbara Carlini

    205: Southwest Airlies, Jan Marshall

    219: SAIC, Amy Alving

    227: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ina Kamenz

    239: Unum Group, Kathleen Owen

    240: Progress Eneergy, Inc., Dorothy Ramoneda

    241: Praxair, Inc., Melissa Buckwalter

    250: Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc., Cora Carmody

    P.S. We are not perfect and despite our best efforts to keep this list up-to-date, often changes are made without a timely announcement. If you notice someone missing from this list or see an error, let me know by contacting me at Sharon@boardroominsiders.com.

    Sharon Gillenwater

    Founder, Principal and Editor-in-Chief

    Boardroom Insiders

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