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    Fish in blue water

    June 10, 2012

    You are likely familiar with the popular business strategy book Blue Ocean Strategy. The premise is that many companies are competing in bloody “red oceans”…overcrowded industries with a handful of bitter rivals driving each other’s profit into the ground. Delivering complicated and cumbersome solutions, with lots of marketing hype and little innovation.

    The “Blue Ocean” part of the Blue Ocean Strategy is reserved for those brave companies who decide to create a new and uncontested marketplaces to fish in. Companies that make the competition irrelevant and create brand new demand. Think Cirque Du Soleil or iTunes.

    We created Boardroom Insiders because we saw an unmet need for enterprise sales pros... a knowledge gap of deep executive insight uncovering a decision maker’s personal attributes, strategic focus, and key challenges. As a result, enterprise sales pros from companies like Avaya, Dell, CA, ConAgra and others are helping us develop a brand new marketplace. No other information resource provides a database of hand-crafted, fully analyzed Executive Profiles like we do.

    Pardon the obvious pun, but Boardroom Insiders has bought into this strategy hook, line, and sinker! We're leading enterprise sales pros in a whole new direction for sales call prep, C-suite engagement, and strategic account planning.

    Call us, and let's go fishing!

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