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    Secret #3 for building strong relationships with C-suite executives: Keep engagement organized

    May 26, 2021

    Strategic executive engagement is a core building block in any account-based marketing strategy. Done skillfully, it can unlock opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. 

    Founded by ABM experts, Boardroom Insiders provides marketers with leading-edge insights to help them engage more effectively with target executives. In that work, we’ve learned five secrets for forging lasting connections with C-suite executives.

    Secret #3: Keep your engagement organized

    Executives have a lot going on, and their attention is limited. It’s important to always respect their time and keep your engagement crisp and meaningful. There’s a balance to engaging with executives, and there’s a fine line between adding value and being seen as a distraction. 

    Random acts of executive engagement — those executed without thought or strategy — tend to do more harm than good, and it’s an easy trap for sales and marketing teams to fall in during the hectic day-to-day. C-suite executives usually come with a deep knowledge of systems and processes, so they tend to have a disdain for disorganization of any kind. For instance, it’s hard to trust a vendor to improve your supply chain when you have three of their reps calling on you. 

    Remember, communication should always serve a purpose, and each engagement is reflective of your brand. Have a plan for executive engagement and stick to it. Take steps to ensure your engagement remains on-brand with the right cadence and avoid taking an “anything goes” approach. If you lack full-scale visibility into your team’s engagement, now may be the time to onboard some tools such as a CRM to document and track your interactions across teams. 

    The takeaway: With a little forethought and strategy, you can be sure you're well-positioned to make a long-term impact.

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