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    Don't Let The Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good

    December 03, 2012
    VoltaireSalespeople are always looking for a silver bullet — a resource that connects all the dots telling them who to call, what to say, and how to get them to buy. Business information providers of every stripe have positioned themselves as the silver bullet, but the truth is they deliver the same tired data — with very little insight.

    The wisest know that the silver bullet doesn't exist — and that waiting for perfection results in no improvement at all.

    While we don't claim perfection, we know that for enterprise sales pros, Boardroom Insiders is about as close to that silver bullet as you can get.  In fact, we've been called a "secret weapon" more than once. (View a sample profile)

    Bottom line: Don't listen to those who brag about their "millions of records." Quantity of data points doesn't matter if the quality of insight isn't there. What's critical is your ability to get in the minds of decision makers when you need to.

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