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    Secret #4 for building strong relationships with C-suite executives: Creativity is your wedge

    June 02, 2021

    Strategic executive engagement is a core building block in any account-based marketing strategy. Done skillfully, it can unlock opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. 

    Founded by ABM experts, Boardroom Insiders provides marketers with leading-edge insights to help them engage more effectively with target executives. In that work, we’ve learned five secrets for forging lasting connections with C-suite executives.

    Secret #4: Creativity is your wedge

    If you play close attention to your clients’ needs and wants, opportunities for engagement will present themselves. In many cases, the best opportunities are when you think outside the box. 

    Generally speaking, C-suite executives can afford anything they want. Time is usually what’s important, and they often spend a lot of it away from their families. This dynamic presents an opportunity for engagement, with the right mindset. For instance, consider crafting an experience for an executive’s family, such as a ball game or boating trip. This can help both you and the executive. You get the chance to expand your connection, and the executive can enjoy some quality time. 

    If you don’t know what your executives are interested in, consider using the FORD method for learning more about it. Family, occupation, recreation and dreams are four subjects people are more than happy to talk about. For instance, if you’re interested in putting together something special for a client, ask them about their dream or — even better — their kid’s dream. Fun, off-the-wall interactions are part of the thrill of sales and marketing.

    Creative thinking can also help you pivot in times of crisis, too. For instance, one of our clients was forced to cancel their live events for the year when COVID-19 hit. Rather than write off the year entirely, they leaned into their customers’ interests. Noting that many of their executive contacts were interested in cooking, they organized an online cooking class with a celebrity chef. Executives could participate at home with their families, and it was a total success. 

    The takeaway: Be willing to try things your competitors haven’t. Let your imagination run wild.

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