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    Boardroom Insiders is your Top Sales Tech Solution Provider of 2021

    November 29, 2021

    Simply put, B2B sales is difficult. 

    Generating and retaining customers, long sales cycles, and increasing competition driven by industry innovation are familiar challenges that will ring true to most sales and marketing folks. 

    In 2021, sales technology companies rallied around the opportunity to alleviate these pain points. At the forefront of these solutions is executive engagement. Prioritizing prospect engagement by fostering meaningful connections from the get go has changed the name of the game, and B2B businesses are ready to play. 

    The top player of this sales technology solution game? Boardroom Insiders.

    BI Top Sales technology solution provider 2021


    We’re proud to say that we’ve been named the Top Sales Technology Solution Provider of 2021 by CIO Applications a list which annually ranks companies who are at the forefront of providing Sales Technology solutions and transforming businesses. 


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    In an interview with CIO Applications, Boardroom Insiders co-founder and CEO, Sharon  Gillenwater, says, “Those looking to engage C-Suite leaders must first understand who they are  and what they care about. If you’re not relevant, you won’t get their attention. It’s that simple”. 

    For more than 10 years, Boardroom Insiders has helped sales and marketing teams leverage  intimate knowledge about Fortune 500 executives to cultivate meaningful relationships, and in  turn, more closed deals. 

    If you find yourself still struggling with these B2B pain points, schedule your quick, custom  demo to see how our award-winning suite of solutions is helping teams just like yours close  bigger deals, faster. 



     Read Sharon's entire interview with CIO Applications here.

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