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Fortune 500 CIOs

A 2021 Edition eList

This past year brought a lot of executive changes at companies across the country, and CIOs were not immune. Now that we're entering a new year (and a new decade), both new and longstanding executives will have no shortage of challenges and opportunities.


We have compiled a list of all of the Fortune 500 CIOs, current as of October 27, 2020. Download this list and use it to find and study the CIOs and executives of your most important accounts.

2020 Fortune 500 CIO eList

We've combined the in-depth intelligence available in our Boardroom Insiders database of Executive Profiles with the analytical power of our brand new BI PRO platform to offer insights into these executives you can't find anywhere else.  


This CIO list includes:

  • A complete listing of CIOs of all Fortune 500 companies

  • An analysis of top business priorities

  • Common threads, including interests, location, and more. 

An understanding of executives and their business priorities is an important way to get ahead, and an in-depth look at these Fortune 500 CIOs is a great start for you and your team. 

Download the eList

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