Boardroom Insiders executive profiles prepare you to have business-level conversations with executive decision makers.

For The Sales Leader

Boardroom Insiders

Boardroom Insiders is driving opportunities in areas we have not thought of in the past. The executive intelligence gives us the confidence to go outside of IT and demonstrate we know their business.

- Rick Marcet, Senior Director, Sales Productivity, Citrix Systems, Inc

Boardroom Insiders

For The Sales Rep

Boardroom Insiders

This content was very good and really current. The meeting was scheduled for 30 min., but lasted 1 hr. 20 min. I feel it really helped bring credibility fast, which is what you need when meeting the CEO of a company.

-District Sales Manager, Top 5 Data Storage Company

Boardroom Insiders

For The C-Suite

Boardroom Insiders

Boardroom Insiders provided our executive team with profiles of all 30 attendees of our CIO Summit. The insight helped us tailor our message and content--and hit a home run with our event.

-Senior Director, Executive Communications, Fortune 1000 Technology Company.

Boardroom Insiders

These companies are using Boardroom Insiders to close bigger deals, faster:

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Boardroom Insiders profiles tell you what's top-of-mind with the people influencing your sale. They are essential tools for:

  • enabling business-level conversations with key customers
  • preparing for customer meetings, executive briefings, and CXO level events
  • creating strategic account plans for key customers

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"When sellers call on me, I want to know that they are listening, that they have a point of view, and to hear some recommendations and ideas in the context of my business. If they don't relate it to me, they have lost credibility and set their sales cycle back...If you want to engage with a customer, what better way than to show them you are interested in their business?"
- James (Jim) Steele, Chief Customer Officer, Inc.

Why You Need Executive Insight

Watch this video to learn....

  • How customer intelligence can make or break sales calls
  • How to enable your sales people to have business-level conversations
  • How your organization can benefit from executive insight